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mikatails said: "hispanic" is not that great to use tbh. it was created by the U.S. (aka a bunch of white guys) for the census. it also focuses largely on the spain (hiSPANIC) so it erases the indigenous side of our ppl. from my experiences (as a xicana working with other latin@ orgs) latino is more accepted, but if you really want to be super respectful, you can use latin@ (<-- gender nuetral), latinx, or even just try to be as specific as you can.


Latin@ refers to people of Latin America; not all Spanish-speaking people are from Latin America though. The question was only directed to Spanish-speaking countries. 


What is wrong with ‘Hispanic’?
Calling Latinx people ‘Hispanic’ ties us back to Spanish colonizers. Don’t do that.
You may call yourself that, but when you’re speaking about others, don’t. Hispanic is specific for Spanish-speaking countries, not all of Latin America. Hispanic does not include Brazil, Haiti, or many other nations that are important to Latin American history, Latinx does. On an individual level, there may be other reasons.

Why is it incorrect to call Latinxs ‘Spanish’?
Because Spanish is a country and people from Spain are Spanish. Spanish is what is spoken in Spanish-speaking Latin American Nations because of colonization. Do not homogenize all of Latin America under the language that not even every nation speaks, we are all very different in language and culture. We are not Spanish. Also please look at a map.

- Farah


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